About Us

We are a real estate development business based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Our vision involves reimagining properties and spaces to make them more affordable, interesting, and community-driven for housing and business purposes. We design and develop urban oasis RV parks, tiny home communities, and we renovate, remodel, and re-purpose historic buildings and industrial complexes for creative mixed-use tenancies.


Our Story

Several years ago, our founder, Dean Williams, was driving around Charles Page when he spotted a nearly-abandoned industrial warehouse complex located near some train tracks. Intrigued by the sign advertising an auction, Dean pulled onto the lot and looked around. Where others saw little more than blight and problems, Dean saw potential. From his days as a real estate entrepreneur, Dean knew that if you give any property the right amount of attention, it can blossom. He made his bid on the entire property, and won. We’ve been realizing his initial vision ever since.

The main warehouse at Wompa was built in 1921 and originally known as the Inner Tube Tire Compression Company, before it became known as the Fred E. Cooper Oil Rig Manufacturing Company. Cooper and his team would build large equipment rigs for the petroleum industry and load those orders onto the nearby trains.

Cooper, a 32nd degree Freemason, died in a mysterious plane crash in Mexico in the 1950s, and the management of his company fell to his family, which kept the business going into the 1990s. When Dean acquired the property, there were just a few tenants doing work in the smaller offices, but the rest of the compound was effectively shut down. A large building in the corner of the lot, known as the Paddock Racing building (or early, the Tipton Plumbing building) bears the odd mark of the do-it-yourselfer: a large concrete ramp runs up the side of the building. Several other warehouses combine to fill Wompa with over 100,000 square feet of space. 

Today, Wompa is the headquarters of Vagabonds, Inc, a company founded by Dean Williams over twenty years ago. The mission of Vagabonds Inc involves reimagining space–and that’s just what we’ve done. We took an abandoned building, renovated it, and supplied it with a new vision. Today it’s a thriving creative co-working compound with a bright future–a true gem along Charles Page Boulevard, and a unique business for West Tulsa.

We invite you to come see Wompa for yourself and experience why so many people choose us as the place they want to work, create, and play.

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