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Wompa: Unconventional Venues for Unforgettable Events

Most guests (like you!) know a location can make or break an event. You want something that is unique and interesting! You deserve a venue that reflects your style and vision while giving you freedom of possibility.

There’s also nothing worse than a venue that forces you to abide by frustrating regulations, pay ridiculous fees, and jump through hoops just to host a memorable, engaging event in Tulsa.

Instead of the same “look and feel” of a dull event space, host your next big event at Wompa—the most unique venues in Oklahoma! We have six different venue spaces on-site, and we even offer overnight Airbnb options for brides, grooms, and wedding guests.



Experience the uplifting vibe of WoMPA’s Machine Shop, a large outdoor atrium with the feel of an industrial cathedral. As the West Side’s ultimate celebration spot, the Machine Shop boasts a proud history as the location of Fred E. Cooper’s oil rig manufacturing company, where all sorts of machinery was produced for the petroleum industry.

Now, a century after it was built, the Machine Shop manufactures unforgettable events and spectacular happenings. This open-aired atrium functions as the perfect venue for event coordinators looking for an outdoor feel with indoor options. With its mighty iron spans, rustic window casings, striking chandeliers, cedar boxcar backdrop, and towering brick walls, the Machine Shop creates a visual impact unlike any other spot in Oklahoma. Photographers and videographers know the Machine Shop sets a singular mood that cannot be replicated.

Dance parties, weddings, festivals, art markets all come to life in the Machine Shop, which comfortably accommodates up to two hundred guests. Large entryways allow for extremely easy set-up options during high-production events that require stage equipment and lighting rigs. There’s also ample power running into the Machine Shop in case you’re putting on a power-packed performance.

You can also add some verve and style to your event by using our unique industrial spool tables, each of artfully decorated with colorful designs that attract eyes and conversation.

Use of the Machine Shop also includes access to our boutique restrooms, which includes eye-popping design and the grooviest showers you’ve seen. Make sure you have a look at our Inner Tube indoor event venue in case you need a back-up rain plan for your event–both venues are connected through an entryway that makes it easy for guests to enjoy indoor and outdoor settings.


Bring a touch of soul and personality to your next large gathering at the Inner Tube, WoMPA’s large indoor event venue that seats up to 200, or accommodates up to 275 standing. Decorated in vibrant colors, this chic vintage-industrial space once supported a maze of cranes and oil machinery. Today it boasts a stained concrete floor where you can still see signs of its magnificent history.

Large windows allow for sumptuous natural lighting during the day, and accent lighting with track lights adds just the right glow. Spectacular rusted iron beams form decorative columns throughout the space, allowing for special decorative options like signage and streamers. Plants, vases, and an eye-catching chandelier bring an artistic, organic flare to the Tube.

For events involving food, beverage, or merchandising areas, there’s a large service window in one corner of the Inner Tube that connects your guests with a full service bar area equipped with water, sinks, display shelves and ice bins. Already, the Inner Tube has hosted events ranging from receptions and masquerade parties to conferences and theatrical performances. We invite you to explore the potential of the Inner Tube for your next gathering.


Offering a rare, spectacular east-facing view of downtown Tulsa’s art-deco skyline, WoMPA’s Terrace is an open-aired outdoor seating area with that offers an upscale feel. Large trees provide a beautiful canopy for guests in the Terrace, and they also offer just the right amount of privacy. A beautiful bar counter runs along the perimeter of the Terrace, which sets just the right mood for vibrant conversation.

The Terrace is accessible by lift or by stairwell, and makes a perfect add-on to events in the Machine Shop below. Up to forty seated guests or sixty standing for a mixer will enjoy this gem of a spot–and it’s easily supported by our nearby community kitchen for catered events or bar services.


Named after the original Creek landowner of the property, our hip, contemporary art gallery offers both elegance and approachability. Just around the corner from the main gallery is a retro service kitchen, complete with commercial-sized refrigerators, a large prep island, and all the other perks a catered event might need. Additionally, we offer a freestanding bar set-up.

Located upstairs above our main entrance, the Lydia is easily accessible from two stairwells, or from the eastside lift. Around the corner, your guests will find two spacious, multi-stall, bohemian ranchero restrooms. An attractive side gallery offers options for larger shows needing extra wall space or added sectioning.

Guests of the Lydia are also invited to enjoy our banquet-sized community farm table as well as the nearby lounge seating–but please be respectful of members who may be walking or sitting nearby. The Lydia Cox galley comfortably accommodates 40 sitting or 80 standing guests.

For artists and curators seeking exhibition space, the gallery walls come with a cable hanging system that makes for easy installation for most works of art. Remember, we offer do-it-yourself event options, and feel free to ask about services that include gallery placards, furniture set-ups, and more.


Add a sense of comfort and intimacy by holding your next gathering at The Pit. As WoMPA’s main entrance hall, The Pit is a spacious, high-ceilinged lobby that feels as cozy as a boutique hotel lounge. Backdropped by a two-story window that bathes the area in natural light, The Pit includes a concrete step-up stage perfect for smaller performances, lectures, and hosted events.

Accessible either through our main entryway or our beautifully lit back promenade, The Pit acts as WoMPA’s central hub, where events are sure to attract considerable attention. Museum-quality restrooms are just around the corner, as is a service kitchen for catered events. A large stairwell in the center of The Pit invites guests to explore the Lydia Cox Gallery of art upstairs, which also offers a great lookout for activity below.

The Pit can welcome up to 60 for lounge seating, or up to 100 for stand-and-mix events.


Two fierce iron dragons mounted to a spectacular rustic awning welcome all the visitors to WoMPA’s Den.

Inside The Den, guests will find a surprisingly cozy retro reception area. The Den is perfectly suited for small gatherings and meetings of up to 20 people seated or 30 standing. Decorated in stylish mid-century furnishings, The Den is a high-ceilinged, semi-partitioned room that’s ideal for connecting with small groups. Restrooms are easily accessible from two different entryways, and guests will appreciate the close proximity to our main parking lot.

Why Wompa? Reasons You’ll Love Our Creative, Limitless Venues

Wompa isn’t your typical event venue. We offer these unique benefits and features to help you host weddings, parties, and corporate events that bring out the best in everyone!

Creative Freedom

Most traditional venues lock you into expensive, generic packages that limit your ability to customize your event. Frustrating, right? Wompa offers unconventional spaces built to serve your needs and vision, so you can host an unforgettable event with ease.

Unique Atmosphere

Say goodbye to the dull, uninspiring venues your guests have grown accustomed to and—dare we say—bored of. Wompa is a one-of-a-kind event space with a fun, funky atmosphere that will leave a memorable impression on your guests.

Endless Possibilities

Whether you envision your wedding on a terrace, public speaking engagement in a conference room, or bridal shower in a gallery, you won’t find a better selection of indoor and outdoor venues that can accommodate anywhere from 10 to 500 guests anywhere else in Tulsa!

Spectacular Service

There’s nothing worse than paying an arm and a leg for an event—only to have everything go wrong at the last minute. When you host your event at Wompa, you can rest assured your event will run smoothly so you can focus your attention on your guests!

Types of Events We Host at Our Creative Venues

Wompa is home to 6 one-of-a-kind venues in Tulsa, OK, where you can host all types of events, from an intimate, traditional wedding to a lively, upbeat concert. You can use Wompa for the following types of events—without the limits of a traditional venue:

  • Weddings
  • Receptions
  • Fashion shows
  • Concerts
  • Holiday Parties
  • Conferences
  • & so many more occasions! 

Envision Your Event at Wompa—Then We’ll Do the Rest!

Don’t book your next event at another lackluster venue that will undoubtedly result in low attendance and participation. Instead, impress your guests with a memorable event at Wompa— unique venues that make them feel like they’re part of something special.

Schedule a tour of our unconventional venues to start dreaming about what’s possible for your event. When you’re ready to book one of our versatile event spaces, our Tulsa team will work directly with you to coordinate all the details!

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Embark on a delightful expedition into the Enchanting Realm of Wompa during Wonder Week! With a $10 week pass, unlock unlimited access to a spectrum of offerings, including co-working spaces and our thrilling array of member events.