Look, we know there are a lot of places in Tulsa that you could host your event, but there’s a certain vibe at Wompa you won’t find anywhere else. We’re housed in a REALLY large industrial compound with a lot of community activities happening in our wonderful (and sometimes weird) spaces. Each venue option conveys different moods, from classy reception areas to get-down, funky parties), so we encourage you to come out for a visit and see the place for yourself. You’ll understand why eyes go wide and smiles go big.

As part of our dedication to our own community, we like to offer our unique approach to event services. At Wompa, you can build, design, promote, staff and coordinate your event all on your own, or you can hire our team to knock it out of the park for you.

For the DIY among you, feel free to consult our DIY pricing guide–we’ll deliver a clean, functional space and you can take the wheel from there. Just make sure you return it to the same condition!

If you’d like to mix in the Wompa magic, we can design and produce events and experiences based on your budget. Our diverse team of doers, thinkers, visionaries and seasoned producers can create flawless, creative and worry-free experiences for every guest.

Here are just a few offerings:

  • Chairs, tables, bar counters and other furnishings
  • Parking signage, lot attendants, and valet parking
  • Event coordinators
  • Catering services including service staff
  • Bar & bartender services
  • Social media promotion

Let us alleviate the stress of your next event by providing you with a strong head start. Nonprofits, corporations, universities, and sales meetings can be tailored to audiences of up to 200, and we can work with just about any budget. We’ll deliver all the inspiration, information, and resources you need to produce a memorable, successful event–and we can save you plenty of time.


Ask us about our various offerings that include:

  • Design
  • Decor
  • Entertainment
  • Audio/Visual Equipment Rental
  • Onsite Management

Contact us to schedule an event consultation today!

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