Experience the uplifting vibe of WoMPA’s Machine Shop, a large outdoor atrium with the feel of an industrial cathedral. As the West Side’s ultimate celebration spot, the Machine Shop boasts a proud history as the location of Fred E. Cooper’s oil rig manufacturing company, where all sorts of machinery was produced for the petroleum industry. 


Now, a century after it was built, the Machine Shop manufactures unforgettable events and spectacular happenings. This open-aired atrium functions as the perfect venue for event coordinators looking for an outdoor feel with indoor options. With its mighty iron spans, rustic window casings, striking chandeliers, cedar boxcar backdrop, and towering brick walls, the Machine Shop creates a visual impact unlike any other spot in Oklahoma. Photographers and videographers know the Machine Shop sets a singular mood that cannot be replicated.


Dance parties, weddings, festivals, art markets all come to life in the Machine Shop, which comfortably accommodates up to two hundred guests. Large entryways allow for extremely easy set-up options during high-production events that require stage equipment and lighting rigs. There’s also ample power running into the Machine Shop in case you’re putting on a power-packed performance.


You can also add some verve and style to your event by using our unique industrial spool tables, each of artfully decorated with colorful designs that attract eyes and conversation.


Use of the Machine Shop also includes access to our boutique restrooms, which includes eye-popping design and the grooviest showers you’ve seen. Make sure you have a look at our Inner Tube indoor event venue in case you need a back-up rain plan for your event–both venues are connected through an entryway that makes it easy for guests to enjoy indoor and outdoor settings.


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