Add a sense of comfort and intimacy by holding your next gathering at The Pit. As WoMPA’s main entrance hall, The Pit is a spacious, high-ceilinged lobby that feels as cozy as a boutique hotel lounge. Backdropped by a two-story window that bathes the area in natural light, The Pit includes a concrete step-up stage perfect for smaller performances, lectures, and hosted events.

Accessible either through our main entryway or our beautifully lit back promenade, The Pit acts as WoMPA’s central hub, where events are sure to attract considerable attention. Museum-quality restrooms are just around the corner, as is a service kitchen for catered events. A large stairwell in the center of The Pit invites guests to explore the Lydia Cox Gallery of art upstairs, which also offers a great lookout for activity below.

The Pit can welcome up to 60 for lounge seating, or up to 100 for stand-and-mix events.

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